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Welcome! I'm Caron Gremont. Thanks for your interest in my pottery. 

Being a potter has always been a dream of mine. Before I even tried it. Before I learned how to do it. I have always been drawn to the earthy beauty of pottery and pulled to the power of being able to create that beauty from mud.


Over the years, I’ve taken classes on and off but it’s never stuck. Until now. Since 2018, I have been creating pottery every day in addition to my day job at FRESHFARM, where work to ensure everyone, regardless of zip code or income level, has access to the healthy, local produce they need to thrive. 


I started Tabletop because I love creating pottery, of course. But more than anything, I love making the bowls and plates that will hold the conversations you have with friends and family at your table. Everything I sell is meant to used and loved.  Tabletop Pottery is dishwasher safe and food safe.

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